Cosmetics – Why Care For Your Health and Beauty?

Have you noticed that wearing cosmetics has become more popular today than ever before? Women feel compelled to wear foundation and makeup. They are beginning to think it’s normal “not to look” the way they really look. Why is this so? Why do women feel more than ever that their appearance is somehow compromised without makeup? Could it be because of the “ideal look” that mass media has publicized? Undoubtedly, yes. But, it also involves something much more fundamental. Something that has insidiously crept into our lives.

What has changed?

In bygone years, women would simply “tweak” their face with just a little bit of mascara and lipstick. Why was this? Life in general was different. Food was more natural. Eating out was done only on rare occasions. Families ate home cooked meals. Vegetables and fruits were picked from the garden. Meat was not pumped full of hormones. Life was less stressful. All of this promoted health and wellness. Do you remember when obesity was a rarity? Most women generally felt good about their appearance and figures. All that has changed today. Covering up acne, rosacea, large pores, oily skin, is the norm. We have basically entered into a, “I wouldn’t be seen by anyone without wearing my makeup”, era.

How women feel?

Makeup has become like a mask behind which to hide. Afraid that if they let their guard down, people will think less of them. Leslie Blodgett, a 28 year old real estate agent, said how different she feels when wearing makeup. “When I wake up, I would never answer a knock on the door without putting on my makeup first,” she said in a recent interview. “I am a slave to my mirror, I glance in it countless times during the day to make sure that my face looks just so!” Granted, all of us are not satisfied with certain structural features of our complexion, but these basic features are not what women are trying to cover up. Various skin problems seem to be the most troublesome to the majority of women.

How to feel better about yourself?

Instead of living behind a bare minerals mask and not really feeling very good about yourself, why not get down to the root of the problem? Very few skin care problems are really non-fixable. So what needs to be done? First of all recognize the problem, and the actual cause of the problem. This of course may not be so easy. Oftentimes skin issues are actually dietary issues that show up in the complexion. Don’t be fooled by the quick solutions and hype that are offered by advertisers. If a problem has been with you for years, chances are there is no pill or cream, quick fix. Find out by searching the web what are the true causes for these problems. Or better yet, visit a reputable health food store, and find out what foods or supplements may help your condition. Don’t give up easily because your skin is the body’s way of showing you that there is something wrong inside.

Do I take care of my skin properly?

Oftentimes skin problems are the result of poor habits. Habits are harder to break than to recognize. If we don’t recognize them ourselves, our last resort is to have someone point it out to us. And that is what we are here for, to possibly help. So what is the most common bad skin care habit? Cleaning the skin! Yes, by far, the most damaging practice is improper washing of the face. This is oftentimes the root cause of blemishes, clogged pores, dermatitis and redness. The cure for these problems are simple. Recognizing that your favorite cleanser is causing the problem is the difficult part. Why? False claims by advertisers! Beauty and bar-soaps have become the cleansing method of choice for most women. But just because something is popular doesn’t make it the best choice. If you look at the residue left over in the sink after you wash your face, you will recognize what I am talking about. This residue is responsible for the bulk of skin care problems.

Is my cleanser mild enough?

The next most common problem is the harshness of cleansers. They should be so mild that after rinsing it off, your face should not feel the need for a moisturizer. Now, I’m not saying you don’t need one. But, you should not have a tight, itchy feel. If you do, then you need to find a cleanser that is milder. Most personal care products contain Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. This is a surfactant that is known to cause irritation after extended use. If you find that your personal care products contain this surfactant, look for another product. Read ingredient labels carefully to make sure that is free of this chemical. Your skin will be better off in the long run without it. You may even find some of the skin problems you have resolving soon. You may even find yourself hiding behind less makeup, and feeling better about yourself than you ever did before. That’s the benefit of being concerned about both health and beauty.

Spa – The Ideal Place For Your Health and Beauty Treatment

Nowadays, there are several local as well as imported brands of cosmetics which help in making a woman look more beautiful and younger. But side by side, there is an increasing trend among modern women to make use of traditional form of treatment that uses less chemicals and more water. Spas have been set up in different places across the world and these spas offer a wide array of health and beauty treatments for the women of today. The basic ingredient being water and source of energy, it offers rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. Visit a spa and see how it helps in improving your fitness level, managing stress, getting back your inner balance, and more importantly, how fresh and lively it makes you feel throughout the day.

When we talk about spas, it reminds us of spas with accommodation. Popularly called as destination spas, these are basically hotels or resorts offering various spa services. In these spas, you will be offered a wide range of spa treatments including wellness education which also includes certain tips on healthy eating, activities for your physical wellness, special interest program, and so on. What’s more? You can also enjoy day spa as well as different types of beauty treatments. Moreover, as these spas are located in several top rated hotels and resorts, you can also enjoy spa treatments while you are on a vacation with your family or while spending your honeymoon with your beloved in one of the luxurious resorts of the world.

Places, like for instance, the Day Spa Yarra Valley, blend the spa experience with that of five-star resorts. It offers you various amenities which you can use 24 hours a day. You will get accommodation in luxury suites, healthy food options, friendly staff who is always willing to lend a helping hand, spa facilities, gourmet meals, and so on. You can also enjoy some attractive discounts and corporate packages in any spas in addition to the normal inclusions like slippers, bathroom kits, wine, spa robes, tasty food, and so on.

General Tips for Your Well-Being

Apart from spa treatments, you should also follow some simple tips at home everyday to keep you fit and fine.

Take adequate amount of rest in order to build up your strength;
Breathe fresh air;
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which have lots of nutritional value in them;
Avoid eating processed food, artificial sweets or any other similar items;
Expose your body to sunlight. Sunlight is very crucial for your body as it is one of the most important sources of Vitamin D, a vitamin that helps in keeping your bones strong and healthy;
Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water everyday;
Finally, regular physical exercise is also a must for healthy living.

The Case in Favour of Health and Beauty Therapies

Feeling good about yourself is one of the best sensations life has to offer, superior by far to the mere physical reaction to a drug, certainly and encroaching on the paramount emotional plane of profound human fulfilment and sublime and certain confidence. You cannot get enough of it, as the prophet said, and it debases you not at all. That golden glow period after stiff exercise – where you can look yourself in the face in the mirror and eat your dinner without the slightest pang of guilt – has no equivalent. And there are practical advantages too, such as improved health and fitness and enhanced joie d’vivre.

A workout at the gym is not just a pastime, given the right muse it can take on a whole other form. Running a mile while not moving an inch, climbing the Eiffel Tower without ever visiting Paris, lifting ten tonnes of coal and not a single dirty hand to wash afterwards, or briskly working up sweat and getting short on your breath in homage to the couple you saw smooching in the movie last night, the possibilities are limited only by the colour palette that tints and shades your imagination.

There are also ways to tighten up your image that don’t require cardio-vascular exertions and aching joints and muscles. As is well known, beauty is not merely in the eye of the beholder; it also springs from the skill and care that is applied in emphasising good points and playing down those little flaws that can detract from an elegant appearance. Exquisitely crafted nails, aesthetically electrifying hair-dos, professionally applied make-up and cosmetics, waxed calves and thighs, all are readily available in any town high street or decent-size mall. Should you doubt the popularity of such establishments, note how few of them do not require an appointment in advance!

And then there are exotic and state-of-the-art therapies such as Botox, Plastic Surgery and Collagen Injections, once the privilege of Movie Stars and TV Icons but now realistic options for us all. These more intrusive and interventional processes are not for the squeamish, be you assured, though those who have made use of them are given to swearing by their efficacy.

So, how substantive is the contribution to your wellbeing that can be achieved through intelligent exploitation of the Health and Beauty Industry? It is a fact that what resides within a person is the most important component of their individuality. Nevertheless, how injudicious to refuse to adopt an advantage, so readily within reach, should it enhance one’s charms and shine up one’s outward lustre?

9 Steps Toward Nontoxic Health And Beauty

1. Make your own deodorant.

You can make your own deodorant by adding together equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch. This is a wonderful recipe for deodorant, and it works. The baking soda absorbs the odor. The cornstarch absorbs the wetness.

2. Perfumes are not necessarily your friend.

Perfumes can be costly and may contain toxins. Pure essential oils can keep you smelling heavenly. Essential oils have also been proven to have many healing benefits.

3. Read the label.

Sometimes it is as simple as reading the label. Though many labels are purposely misleading, reading the label will help us know whether a product is one that we want to put in or on our bodies. If you see a long list of ingredients, and you don’t know what most of them are or what they do, you probably want to avoid that product.

4. Check your kitchen.

The best products for our beauty and health are often in our kitchens. Nature provides wonderful fruits, vegetable, seeds and berries, any of which make the best cosmetics and body-care products. Somehow or other, we have learned to doubt Nature. We feel that we know best. We have gone against the laws of Nature in favor of commercialism.

5. Wash new clothes before you wear them.

The clothes you buy go through many processes and many hands before you buy them yourself. If the garment is washable, please be sure to wash it before you wear it for the first time. This will ensure that excess chemicals, pesticides, dyes and bleaches are removed before it meets your body.

6. Our body is one unit.

We often forget that our body is one unit. Many of us have the idea that it is all right to use toxic products on our hair, for instance. We believe that a product used outside our body will not affect the inside of our body. This is not true. Therefore, if you would not put a product in your body (eat it), please do not put it on your body. The reverse holds true.

7. Less is more.

Many of us have cabinets full of cosmetics and so-called health products. We are bombarded constantly with products that promise to make us healthy, youthful and beautiful. However, the truth is, less is more. Find products with the least amount of ingredients. Single-ingredient products, such as coconut oil, Shea butter or various clays, are superb products. Likewise, an occasional meal that consists only of one nutritious food will give your digestive system a rest.

8. Research.

We spend a great deal of time in researching vacation spots we want to travel to. We will ask in-depth questions about whether the car we’re thinking of buying gets good mileage and drives well. However, we spend little time researching the products that we put in and on our bodies. Our bodies are our temples. Learn about your body and the food and products you consume.

9. Talk to your elders.

Many of our ancestors knew the health and beauty secrets of the plants and the earth. Over the years, however, we have been taught to discount their knowledge of health and beauty as old-fashioned. The beauty and health industry would love you to believe this. Do not let our elders take these secrets with them to the grave.

Dead Sea Health and Beauty Products

Dead Sea Water is the most salty, and it’s Salts are the most curative.

These surprising medical properties of minerals of the “Sea of Salt” have once again been confirmed by the scientists.

In 2005 experts-Dermatologists from the German Kiel university have carried out interesting research. Their purpose was to find out, how water of the “Sea of the Arabah” influences the condition of a your skin. The volunteers soaked one hand in the magical water from the “Sea of Lot”, and another – in usual, water, for few minutes. Such « water procedures » proceeded for few weeks, and already after first several days the difference was incredible: the Salt Sea water acted on the skin the same as moisturizing cream. The skin also became more soft, and its color improved.

One of the most beautiful women in history of mankind (some people consider, that the most beautiful) – Cleopatra – valued beauty of the skin, she resorted to a different sort to shifts to keep a youth. According to legends, she received as a gift on regular basis magical water from the salt lake.

What was the reason of such tremendous effect? According to German dermatologists, the secret is in high maintenance of salts and magnesium in water from the “Sea of Salt”.

This sea is a nature’s treasure. Not only magnesium, but also set of other minerals are a part of it’s water and mud.

Even the rheumatism and arthritis can be cured on the “Lowest point of earth”.

Scientists confirmed what people living in the Dead Sea area always knew. In fact already more than two thousand years ago a Roman historian and a Doctor Galen wrote: …. These salts cure illnesses if to apply them with skill, having mixed in curative ointments.

Recently researchers from one of the Israeli universities have checked up, whether the curative mud from the Salt Sea can help with arthritis. The volunteers, agreed to take part in research, have lodged in hotel on coast of the Dead Sea (near to a one of King Tyrant’s resort palaces. Is this the reason for his good health and long life he lived?). They took baths, used the Mud, both patients and doctors were amazed by the results that were beyond their expectations. Scientists explanation was, that it is a result of joint action of the micro-cells contained, in a unique combination, in Salt Sea mud and water.

Dead Sea Cosmetics are not only popular because of their rejuvenating, cosmetic effect, but also because of their medical properties.

Queen Cleopatra and wise King Solomon followed advice of their doctors and quite often soaked in baths enriched with Dead Sea Salts and applied it’s Mud to their skin, they were lucky to leave close to the Dead Sea. Thanks to today’s technology this products are available and popular in every corner of the world, among healthy and sick, young and old, beautiful and those who want to become beautiful.

Salt Sea Products will not replace soaking in the mystical and the attracting “largest natural spa”, but application of these products is the natural way to health and beauty.